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Children's Dentistry


We encourage bringing children for regular dentist appointments when they reach the age of three years.  We suggest bringing your child with you to your own dental appointments so that he or she can become familiar with our office and the sights, sounds, and staff members.  This will help to ensure that  your child will enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable experience when he or she arrives for an independent check up.


At each of your child's check ups, we will check for proper growth and development and good oral health with a tooth by tooth exam.  Our staff will also teach good techniques for cleaning and brushing to keep the teeth healthy including good brushing habits and how to effectively use floss.  Dental sealants and fluoride supplements are also available.   Sealants are thin, clear coatings that protect teeth from sugar and other substances that promote tooth decay.  Fluoride treatments encourage other minerals to strengthen tooth enamel and ward off cavities.  One of our staff can share additional information about these procedures at your next visit.

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